Pay Per Click(PPC) programs pay you when users click on the Advertisements in your website.

 The popular PPC programs are listed below.

 Google AdSense:

 This is the most popular and successful PPC program in the web.

 Google has strict anti-cheat policies for the PPC program and many user accounts get banned for unknown reasons.

 Make sure to read all the Terms and Conditions before joining the Google Adsense program.

 Minimum Payout - 100$

 Revenue Hits:

 Revenue Hits is the best Ad Network for beginners.

 If you have started a new blog and does not have much traffic, this is the best network that can earn you good income.

 Revenue Hits does not pay you based of clicks or page views, but based on User Actions.

 You get paid when the user clicks an Ad and performs the action to which the Ad redirects. It could be viewing a website, sign up, providing an EMail Id or any other action.

 The trick is to place the Ads at the right place, in different formats and get the actions done.

 Minimum Payout: 50$ via PayPal


 CPC  rates can be anywhere between 0.02$ to 10$.

  Minimum payout: 10$

  BidVertiser provides various Ad formats.

 Microsoft PubCenter:

 This is another best PPC program from Microsoft. Some publishers claim to earn more money from this program than Google Adsense.

 Also, PubCenter allows publishers to display a background for their Ads.


 PopAds is good for bloggers who want to earn money instantly. There is no approval process like Adsense. You can sign up and start earning money immediately.

 Revenue - $4 RPM

 Minimum Payout: 5$ through Paypal

 Yahoo Publisher's Network(YPN):

 YPN is currently available only for US based publishers.


 AdBrite is considered to be the best alternative for Adsense. Their minimum payout is 20$. Their Terms and Conditions are not as strict as Google Adsense.

 AdBrite is the great way of monetizing incoming traffic,

 Revenue Split  - 75 / 25


 Clicksor offers high Cost Per Ad value.

 The payments are released based on their Payment Periods.

 Minimum Payout for a payment period is 50$ by Cheque and 20$ for Paypal.

 If the balance did not reach the minimum amount during a payment period, it will be carried to the next.




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