If you want to start a business that does not end up in loss, this article will be helpful for you.

Let us look at some of the Low Budget Small Business Ideas, with high profit potential and low risk of losing the initial investment.

1) Start your own Grocery Store:

Rent a small shop and start a Grocery Store. 

Sell the items with prices lower than that of the Super Markets, so that you get regular customers.

2) Tution Centre:

Start a coaching centre for school/college students. 

Parents are looking for good coaching centres to help their children get good grades.

3) Re-selling Used Cars:

Buy second hand cars at the lowest possible price, repair it and sell it at a little high price.

4) Furniture Selling and Re-Selling:

Sell new or used furniture at a price little lower than that in showrooms. 

Advertise your business in your locality.

5) Gift Shop:

Start a gift shop with your own creative products. 

You can easily get accessories for making attractive gifts at cheap price.

6) Job Recruitment Firm:

With unemployment and job-seekers count increasing,  people are seeking recruitment firms for jobs. 

You can tie-up with few companies with a free offer of finding and providing good talents. 

You can charge a small amount from the job-seekers, if they get hired through your firm..

7) Sweets & Bakeries Shop:

Cakes, Sweets and Bakery products have become inevitable for every special occasion. Hence, this is always a profitable business.

8) Home-Made Food Service:

Provide a food service without starting a hotel.  Take up orders for food delivery at the comfort of your home, cook at home, pack and deliver the food.

9) Rent a Car:

If you don't have a car, buy a used car and rent it to individuals or companies.

10) Tailoring and Apparels Designing:

You can start a small Tailoring shop and stitch cloths. 

Creativity is a requirement for success in all type of business. Simple plain clothes that are worked upon with creative and attractive designs can be sold out for huge profits.


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