Want to become an entrepreneur? You don't have much money to invest or do not want to take risks?

Listed below are a few low-risk, Small Scale Industry ideas, which are fairly profitable.

1) Paper Recycling Industry:

 Even during the times of huge digital growth, the demand for paper and paper products always remain. There are still people who prefer printed books and content, to avoid the negative consequences of staying in front on a computer or mobile screen for a very long time.

Used papers can be re-cycled and can be used to make second-quality paper. 

To start with, you may buy a small and cheap Paper Recycling Machine.

Recycled papers can be sold to Publishing companies, Books and Note Books manufacturing companies, Shops etc.

  2) Candles Manufacturing Industry:

Candles are used for Birthdays, Church gatherings, lighting up during special occasions etc.

Low cost Candle Making Machines will not be fully automatic. You need it put some manual effort. 

Bees Wax, colorants and a few other low cost materials are required for candle making.  

 To start with, you can buy the semi-automatic machine and make good profit.

3) Slippers Manufacturing Industry:

Rubber slippers are used almost in every home, at least during gardening and for rough usage. 

Rubber Sheet is the main raw material used. 

The machinery used for Slipper manufacturing is quite cheap and simple to operate.

4) Wood-works Industry:

Wood-works are needed for making furniture, home decors, doors and windows, some house hold items etc. 

The demand for such items is inevitable and hence this is a highly profitable business. 

 5) Threads and Needles Manufacturing Industry:

Threads and Needles are inevitable for stitching clothes. These are the important raw materials for clothing industry.

The cost of manufacturing of Threads and Needles is very low and the demand is always high.

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